System 3E

SYSTEM 3E is a Polish
technology patented all
over the world.

It is based on the original product – 3E elements
made of natural perlite. 3E elements are a combination of a unique formulation, precise shape, and simplicity of use. They can be quickly connected to each other making it possible to erect the walls of the building in one working day.

This way you can save time and money without harming the natural environment.

Quality certificate

The high quality of 3E elements has been confirmed by the Institute of Building Materials and Concrete Technology (IMBiTB) – notification no. 2311. Our technology meets all legally required standards – both Polish and European – related to, among others, the compressive strength, reaction to fire, water absorption, and moisture movement, thermal insulation, as well as sound absorption.

Atest higieniczny Deklaracja właściwości użytkowych Świadectwo z zakresu higieny radiacyjnej Załącznik do Deklaracji właściwości użytkowych Karta techniczna produktu Fire resistance classification report

System 3E patented worldwide.

A Polish invention
that changes people’s lives!

We are proud that SYSTEM 3E continues the great legacy of Polish inventions that have changed the lives of people all over the world. SYSTEM 3E is a true revolution in the construction industry, thanks to which the construction of a house is convenient, fast, simple, and fully ecological like never before. This is what our campaign is about.


Build your
dream home with
System 3E.



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