Perlite, the key raw material
used to make 3E elements, is a mineral of volcanic origin extracted from the Earth’s interior
using the open-pit mining technique.

It formed hundreds of millions of years ago as a result of the locking of water drops inside lava flowing out of undersea volcanoes. Water content of perlite ranges from 2 to 5% by volume and determines the unique properties of this material.

Properties of perlite

  • Resistant to temperatures
  • Resistant to mould, algae, and fungi (pH = 7)
  • Sterile
    and chemically inert
  • Excellent
    sound insulation
  • Excellent thermal insulation properties
  • Protection against
    insects and rodents
  • Resistance
    to fire
  • Healthy and
    environmentally friendly

Perlite production

Before perlite can be used, e.g.,
in the construction industry, it is subjected to the process of foaming. The water that it contains evaporates
and causes the material to expand. This way, Perlite increases its volume even 20 times.

At the SYSTEM 3E factory in Radomsko, we subject perlite to the process of foaming on our own. Thanks to this, we have full control over the production process and can ensure a continuous supply of 3E elements.

Perlite deposits are practically limitless. They will suffice to build
20,000,000,000 houses.


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