Building has never
been so easy.



Technology friendly to humans
and the environment.

Energy savings

Houses with high energy efficiency.


Shorter time
and lower construction costs.

will save your time and money.

Our technology allows to build walls without the need to use mortar or insulation. In any weather conditions and in any climate zone. 365 days a year.

What distinguishes us.

Comparison of the construction process of a 145 m2 house using the traditional method (unfinished interior) vs. SYSTEM 3E.

  • Construction time 5 months
  • Wall erection time 14 days
  • Execution of the roof structure 10 days
  • Cost of insulation PLN 15,000
  • Generation of waste 5 m3
  • Construction time 3 months
  • Wall erection time 1 day
  • Execution of the roof structure 1 day
  • Cost of insulation PLN 0
  • Generation of waste none
  • Details

Build your
dream home with
System 3E.



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